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Shipping Information

The system automatically calculates the cost of the delivery. This can be checked by clicking on the checkout page via the top basket button. Our general delivery fee to all countries is 8 Euros. (The only exception is Denmark, where our delivery fee is 14 Euros.)

If the delivery is not free, the system calculates it accurately in the delivery method that can be selected at checkout. (Delivery to a Packeta pick-up point is cheaper than delivery by courier.)
Orders are processed in order of receipt. The composition of the package, the delivery address, name, etc. Once the package is posted, we can change it until further notice!
The system also automatically shows the method of delivery. If one of the shipping methods does not appear, there is a reason. This may mean that the package is fragile or its weight/size exceeds the limit, e.g. The packet can be sent to a receiving location. etc..

Package delivery time

It depends on several things. From the number of orders received, the workload of the delivery company, the method of payment, and whether the ordered product or products are in stock. For products, the stock information indicates if the product you want to order is in stock. If it is not in stock, it will be indicated in the stock information of the product, on the cart page of the product, and also in an automatic e-mail after placing the order, and our clerk will contact you by e-mail or by phone when processing the order.

In general, if all ordered products are in stock and payment is made by cash, cash on delivery, bank transfer or bank card:

It can be picked up at a Packeta pick-up point within 5 working days (applicable to packages under 700 EUR).
The courier service will deliver the package within 2-4 working days from the confirmation.
The delivery time for products not in our local warehouse takes 6-12 working days.

We can handle orders placed for in stock products with cash on delivery or online bank card payment (the fastest)! (After merchant confirmation, when colleagues process orders, 99% of deliveries are made within 2 working days, except for overweight products over 40 kg.)

If the order was placed by advance payment, the goods will only be sent out/prepared after confirmation of the financial performance.

Delivery time for over 40 kg and oversized products 

Delivery time for over 40 kg and oversized products is 7-21 working days (pool table, soccer tables, air hockey, etc.) These oversized products can be ordered by bank transfer in full or by paying 50% of the total amount. If the payment is made by bank transfer, this time interval is calculated from the arrival of the amount on our account.


Terms of free shipping:

  • the gross value of the ordered products must exceed 99 EUR
  • only applies to orders placed in our online store
  • This applies to all countries to which we deliver, except Denmark, where this value is 150 Euros.
  • The weight of the product must be under 40 kg

Courier service

Orders are fulfilled with the help of the GLS/Packeta Home Delivery courier service, cash on delivery or advance transfer. Based on the current tariff, the customer bears the cost of delivery for orders under 99 EUR and for overweight packages.
Delivery usually takes 1-3 working days.
Delivery takes place on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., so it is advisable to request the package at your workplace. The courier will send an SMS notification of the expected delivery time. If the first delivery is unsuccessful, the courier will leave a notification, and after contacting you, he will deliver the package for FREE the 2nd time. If the time received in the text message is not correct, please contact the courier at the number in the text message, or change the time and place of delivery via the link sent in the text message.
We cannot request a delivery time from the courier service. If a request is received for a specific day (working days only), we can solve it 99% of the time. Then please write this in the comments section.

The delivery cost of parcels under 99 EUR by courier service is 8 EUR, with the exception of oversized checkers, which can only be delivered at an additional cost. In most cases, this surcharge means 28 EUR.

Delivery of oversized / overweight products

If the oversized/overweight product is not available in our local warehouse, in this case our delivery cost varies between 50 EUR and 500 EUR depending on the size of the product.

Packeta collection point (4 EUR anywhere within the country, up to 20 kg, within the size limit of 60 x 60 x 60 cm)

The Packeta collection point is an alternative courier service that undertakes package delivery throughout the country, in one of more than 700-3000 Packeta collection points.
Pickup locations are usually located in frequented locations and have relatively long opening hours. It is also possible to pay by bank card at most Packeta collection points.

When should you choose a Packeta receiving location?

  • In case delivery by courier is too expensive
  • You cannot be at the delivery address at the specified time
  • If you want to manage your free time yourself
  • You only can to pick up the package at the weekend.

When the Packeta arrives at the collection point, the system sends a notification by e-mail. From this date, no the product can be picked up for 1 week.
Exact opening hours and other information about the stores can be found at

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